If you are seeking to apply to the family court for child or monetary matters then you need a MIAM first. Courts are looking for couples to avoid court. Contact Countrywide Family Mediation { name } today for a fast visit.

What is a MIAM Leicestershire?

MIAMs is a Mediation Intake Evaluation Meeting Leicestershire where a mediator describes just how mediation can assist distancing families straighten out their preparations for their children and agree their economic settlement.

The authorities really want to motivate the utilization of family mediation to decrease the wide variety of cases being determined by the courts. This is due to the rising costs of the court to the taxpayer and also the expense of courts to litigants.

From April 2014, everybody who would like to submit an application for the court in family procedures (with a few exceptions) must consult a mediator approved by the Family Mediation Authorities. In this meeting, they will discuss what mediation is and whether they desire to try to resolve their arguments in mediation.

Not almost all cases are well suited for mediation and this truly is a conference to consider mediation, not to force individuals to mediate, as mediation is voluntary.

If you would like to pursue family court treatments, you will most likely be described a mediator to find out about mediation. You are under no responsibility to continue past the very first conference– this is just a conference to learn about mediation as well as think about whether it might be able to assist you.

If you believe that you can be on the getting end of court treatments, you must also pertain to an analysis. This is mainly because the court will question both the parties at numerous actions during court about whether they already have actually been to MIAMs { name } and if not, why.

You can concern an analysis together or even apart, as both of you prefer. Just notify us while we talk to you to reserve your consultation. At the mediation analysis, we will confirm if you are qualified for Legal Aid. If one of you gets lawful aid, the other pays half.

MIAMs Exemptions

If you would like to take the case to the court, it is usually necessary to attend a Mediation Intake Evaluation Meeting (MIAM). The additional person included is as well required to think about a MIAM, however, they don’t need to check out the same meeting as you.

You will not be required to attend a MIAM if each of the following relates to your situation:


If you prepare to book a MIAM, please use this contact

If you are in disagreement with your ex lover or are having problems settling your splitting up, you might be thinking of court proceedings.

Before an application can be made to court, you are needed to attend a Mediation Information Assessment Meeting or ‘MIAM’ for short.

The aim is to see if mediation could be utilized to fix your troubles, as opposed to going straight to court.

The MIAM is a conference in between you as well as a mediator to learn if there are alternate methods to find services to your issues.

The mediator will certainly discuss to you:

  • what your choices might be.
  • what mediation is, as well as just how it works.
  • the advantages of mediation and various other appropriate forms of dealing with disputes.
  • the likely costs of using mediation.
  • if you are qualified totally free mediation and also Lawful Aid.
  • The conference can be between the mediator and just you, or with your ex-partner as well.

The benefits of mediation

Mediation gives a risk-free, private setting, permitting you to review future setups for you and also your family.

Our mediators are skilled at helping you browse the legal and also psychological maze that family members failure can create.

It is cheaper, quicker as well as less demanding than litigating.

It helps provide long-lasting remedies that remain in the most effective interests of you and your family members.

It is versatile and also can suit all of your household’s distinct demands, enabling you to keep more control over your very own future.

The mediation will certainly help you sort out:

  • the very first steps to take
  • the alternatives readily available to you
  • arrangements for your children
  • kid maintenance settlements
  • real estate and also accommodation problems
  • how to clear up finances, financial savings, joint debts, pensions and home loans